Top 10 PancakeSwap Alternatives in 2022

Metaple Finance
7 min readOct 7, 2022


Pancakeswap is one of the best DEX platforms in the market, with the most users of any decentralised platform to date. And those users are now entrusting the outlet with more than $4 billion in funds.

Finding alternatives to PancakeSwap is not very easy, however, since this is also not the right platform and there was scope for improvement, this is where new projects started. These new platforms were filling the gap left unfinished for so many years.

In this article, we are sharing the 10 best alternatives to Pancakeswap. These platforms provide swapping features like Pancakeswap but they have much more to offer.

10 Best Alternatives of Pancakeswap

Check these 10 platforms and choose one that suits your trading needs.

1. Metaple Finance

Metapal Finance is a trending Decentralized Financial (DeFi) solution that enables users to grow their crypto assets through swapping, staking, and farming activities.

The platform is giving users full authority over their crypto assets and allows them to communicate with its ecosystem through peer-to-peer (P2P) DApps and by utilizing the AMM approach.

This project has the best offering when it comes to interest rates. It also features the staking pool and by using it, users can start earning better instantly. Additionally, it is easy and cheaper to list your token on Pankuku.

The process of creating an account, saving your assets and then earning on it is easier than you think. Additionally, the project also has a native token namely the MLX token that multiplies the benefits even more.

2. Binance DEX

The most well-known centralised cryptocurrency exchange in the world is called Binance, but not everyone is aware that it also has a decentralised exchange as well.

The Binance DEX is built on top of the Binance Chain, a blockchain infrastructure created expressly to maximise the effectiveness of decentralised trade.

Despite the fact that the two platforms can communicate with each other and are both supported by the BNB cryptocurrency, Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain should not be confused.

The goal of Binance DEX is to offer a quick and effective trading experience while maintaining complete non-custodial status.

As a result, when customers trade on Binance DEX, they are not required to hand up custody of their money to any third parties; instead, all transactions must be approved by the user and occur on the blockchain itself.

3. Uniswap (V2)

Launched in 2018, Uniswap is a popular platform for automated token exchange on the Ethereum blockchain. You can easily join this platform for the purpose of exchanging ERC20 tokens. Additionally, the platform also provides extra features, services and speed to its users.

Uniswap has a standard model for pooling liquidity reserves. It works as an open-source frontend user interface for traders and liquidity providers and it has been providing free and decentralized asset exchange.

4. Sushiswap

Sushiswap is just a two-year-old DeFi project that is growing at a rapid pace. This platform allows you to swap, stack, earn, lend, and borrow cryptocurrencies.

Sushiswap is a decentralized, community-driven platform, that has a fully featured decentralized exchange (DEX). This exchange works on an automated market maker (AMM) concept and it allows users to trade cryptocurrency tokens in the most efficient way,

The platform has no central authority controlling trades, instead, Sushi Swap automatically sets the price with mathematical formulas and processes trades using smart contracts.

So above we listed the 4 best alternatives to Pancakeswap, You can check all the details, features, and offers by visiting their official website. Make sure to check everything before choosing one platform for making your next transaction.

5. 1inch

1inch is yet another DEX platform and it searches across various decentralised exchanges to find the cheapest prices for consumers. In order to reduce slippage and guarantee that you are paying the least amount of costs feasible, the protocol is capable of routing orders through several different protocols.

One of 1inch’s greatest advantages is that it supports a variety of blockchains. It is currently supported by Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain, and the team is always trying to add new blockchain platforms to support their protocol.

Limit order support is a highly rare feature in decentralised finance protocols 1inch platform also offers it. Users now have far more flexibility, and the user experience is much more comparable to that of centralised exchanges.

6. Kwenta

Kwenta distinguishes out in the DeFi market, which is dominated by Uniswap and PanCake “copycats,” with a very distinctive offering. Users can trade Synths, which are tokens that follow the cost of other assets, on Kwenta. By trading Synths, users can obtain exposure to Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, equities, or indices directly on the Ethereum blockchain. Synths are powered by the Ethereum-based protocol Synthetix.

By supporting all Synths developed by the Synthetix protocol, Kwenta makes a large variety of trading pairings available. Peer-to-contract (P2C) architecture of the platform avoids slippage, making pricing for traders more predictable.

7. dYdX

The automated market maker approach is the foundation for the majority of the DEXes we’re featuring in this post, however, dYdX distinguishes out from the crowd. A distinct player in the DeFi ecosystem, dYdX is a decentralised exchange that focuses on leverage trading.

Users of Ethereum can access perpetual contracts, leverage trading, and spot trading using dYdX. Because of its identical user interface and seamless user experience, dYdX will be extremely comfortable for individuals who are used to centralised exchanges.

The perpetual contracts of dYdX are implemented on StarkEX, which is an Ethereum scalability solution created by Starkware, in order to offer traders a quicker and more affordable trading experience. On the other side, layer 1 of Ethereum is used to implement margin and spot trading.

8. Serum

The serum is known as the best Solona-based Alternative to PanCakeswap. It is a decentralised exchange created to fully utilise Solana’s enormous scaling potential.

The team wants to build a decentralised exchange that, even when compared to significant centralised cryptocurrency exchanges, doesn’t sacrifice performance or user experience. Serum presents price charts, an order book, and limited order capabilities directly to the home which also reflect their team goal.

Since Serum is focused on Solana, its users can also avail all the benefits of Wormhole. It is a messaging protocol that allows interoperability between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Terra, and of course Solana.


The DODO DEX team modified the time-tested AMM formula to produce what they refer to as the PMM (Proactive Market Maker) design. The PMM concept is intended to lower the risk of temporary loss for liquidity providers in decentralised exchanges like Uniswap.

On DODO DEX, liquidity providers also have a great deal of freedom because only one of a pool’s tokens needs to be deposited in order to begin offering liquidity. On the other side, less slippage is advantageous for traders. Their orders should therefore have less of an impact on the market, which will ultimately result in better prices.

10. panKUKU

panKUKU is yet another DEX project that offers various DeFi products and services. It is the biggest DEX project that is offering KUKU token, KUKU Swap, KUKU Farm, Lottery, Pool, Predictions, Launchpad, KUKU Shop, KUKU wallet, and KUKU Play.

Pancakeswap is inspired by PancakeSwapbut it has more products and services to offer. The platform is also offering better speed and more opportunities. KUKU token is its native token and since its eco-system has everything inside, holding the KUKU token will be highly beneficial.

There are undoubtedly many fascinating things going on with BSC, but users also want to look at what’s going on with Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and other blockchains.

These 10 are top alternatives of Pancakeswap which is not only popular but efficient as well with their faster and cheaper transaction. Make sure to check all the above platforms before choosing a DEX for your next trading.